Tuesday, 26 November 2013

2000AD Portfolio Copetition

As mentioned in a previous post I attended the Thought Bubble 2013 convention. One of the highlights and the main reason for attending the festival was the 2000AD portfolio competition. 2000AD provide a sample script, found here, and all entrants have to create artwork based on the 4 page script. On the first day of the convention the entrants work is assessed and 6 entrants are selected to go before the judges. The following day a review panel is held in front of an audience and the work is critiqued and ripped to pieces or hailed an image of beauty and perfection and declared the winner.

Unfortunately I did not make it past the first stage but got some feedback from portfolio reviewer. This is the first time I've entered this competition and I learnt a lot from it. The following day I attended the judging panel and learnt even more. The panel was quite entertaining as all 4 of the 2000AD team turned up late, due to the convention after party and were all a little hung over. On top of this none of them had read the script which again was quite entertaining. There are some pics below of my entry and when Tom Foster posts images of his winning entry I will add them below for comparison.

Click on the images for a better view:
Firstly the biggest problem with my entry was in taking the wrong approach. They where looking for inked pages in black and white, as you can see these full colour pages with no ink. Secondly the backgrounds are looking very empty. The story is meant to take place in a warehouse but from my work you don't really get a sense of this. Thirdly there are some inconsistencies in the anatomy of certain characters and some of the poses are a bit stiff. However a big plus was that the story telling is good and the characters are clearly acting.

The prize for the competition is paid work on a 2000AD Future shock to be published next year. In the meantime check out Tom's work over at Deviant art.

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