Monday, 25 November 2013

Thought Bubble 2013

Ahhhh! A sigh of relief, now I can relax again inspired and rejuvenated by another great convention. Last week I had a the pleasure of whole week off. Yes a whole week off from work so what did I do? I spent 6 very very long days getting art finished and my portfolio up to date for Comics Forum. Whoever told you there are 24 hours in a day lied. There are more, though they are hidden tucked away in the early hours. I managed to get everything completed but had to sacrifice a day at Comics Forum in order to complete pages to a level that I was happy with. More about that in another post.

At both Comics Forum and Thought Bubble, I got to catch up with people I had met the previous year. It was also great to help out a little on the Hexjibber stall, which involved some colouring in, larking around and occasionally interacting with the general public. No! Not the man in green in the picture below, that is somebody else.

Unfortunately I had to go to the festival with no money and came back with even less. I did however purchase Black Church by Andy Belanger, which unlike Hexjibber is definitely not suitable for children. It is however a really good read.

 I'm currently obsessed with square comics and with it being very I square felt it needed to sit on my shelf. It follows Vlad as he does what he does best. You can see more of Andy's work  here as it is well worth a peek.

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