Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Disconnected Vol. 2

Whilst at thought bubble I had a lovely chat with Lizzie Boyle. Lizzie handles editorial responsibilities over at Disconnected Press as well as writing. They pride themselves on showcasing emerging talent in the UK comics world. I picked up Disconnected Vol. 2 and read it on the way back from my twice weekly trip to Wrexham. For me the stand-out story was 'Pests' writer, Mathew Craig and artist, Neil McCclements. The reason I bought the book was, 'The Remarkebly Normal Man' the artwork is absolutely stunning. Sarah Jones has done a great job of bringing Jon Lock's story to life. There is something in this compilation for everyone so if you get a chance buy it. I will now be feverishly hunting down Vol. 1.

You can also see some of Sarah's work here.

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