Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Rise of the Phoenix

the PHOENIX is an amazing weekly comic for Kids. The core readership is 8 - 11 but can be enjoyed by younger children and also by adults. Whilst at Thought Bubble I got to chat to Neil Cameron and drool all over his portfolio, apologies if it's now dripping with saliva. Neil is one of the artists that works on my favourite strip in the weekly, The Pirates of Pangaea.

I also got chatting to Ross Fraser their marketing manager whilst purchasing a taster subscription as a Christmas present for my niece. He told me that the Phoenix is available in Waitrose and they are looking at more retail outlets for retail distribution. So it is very likely that if your in the UK they will soon be in a store near you. If your looking for a Christmas present for a child in that age bracket it is well worth a look.

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