Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Tidy Up

I got back from Thought Bubble comic conference on Sunday feeling truly inspired. As a result I have been racing round, (sat on my arse), the internet sorting out my various profiles and getting my work in order. So hopefully I will be in a position to post some work and show progress on my own projects pretty soon.

My links to comic book stuff are set up over at Delicious for all to check out. There're links to Thought Bubble so you can check out everything that you missed if you did not attend. Also of note was the Comics Fourm they put on a fantastic event with some great speakers. Thanks to all that talked to, spoke at and chatted with me.

The Comics Forum ran on the 15th and 16th November before the convention, papers were delivered by a number of academics.  I particularly enjoyed papers by Mel Gibson, Umar Ditta, Cameron Fletcher, John G. Swogger, Andy Mason, William H. Foster III, Keina Yoshida and Asta Vrecko. A special thanks is deserved for Mel and William who were particularly informative and entertaining.

In addition Charlie Adlard was a keynote speaker. I didn't realise who he was previous to the forum which is ridiculous as I've read all of 'The Walking Dead' to date. I can only out put this oversight down to my eagerness to delve into the story. It was great hearing him talk and introduce some of his other works of which I will now hunt down and read.

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